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We are Moin Marketing

We, Moin Marketing GmbH, stand for maximum quality. Both in our work with our customers and within our team, we live by the principle: "Quality before quantity".

Ken Niederstadt

As one of the founders of Moin Marketing GmbH, Ken is an important cornerstone of the company. With structure and a clear way of thinking, he always keeps the team on track.

True to the motto “no half measures”, Ken attaches great importance to high-quality work with an eye for detail. Not least because of this, he regularly implements cleverly thought-out processes that guarantee Amazon Advertising at the highest level.

As a former seller and employee of a full service agency focused on Amazon, Ken knows all facets of the Amazon world and always knows how to use this experience profitably for his clients.

Away from the office, Ken can be found fully committed on the football fields of Hamburg on weekends, even if the technical savvy there is not quite as pronounced as it is known from the office.

Experience: 7+ years


Max Burk

Max is one of the founders of Moin Marketing GmbH and is indispensable for the spirit in the team. With innovative ideas and his out-of-the-box way of thinking, the Hamburg native is always a breath of fresh air in the Amazon Advertising world. Processes and advertising strategies are continuously put to the test, according to the motto: standing still is a step backwards.

Through the founding and establishment of his own pet brand, Max has developed a special feeling for brands. As a long-time retailer, he knows the problems and challenges in marketplaces and knows how to use them as advantages for his customers.

He demonstrates his mental strength away from Moin Marketing on the football pitch with friends.

Experience: 7+ years

E-Mail: max@moin-marketing.com


What we stand for


For a trusting and long-term cooperation


Because “scheme F” is not enough for us


As a basis for positive cooperation


Extending the lead instead of just maintaining it


Because standing still on Amazon means taking a step backwards

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